Using RSS feeders- Why Updating your twitter account can help in increase your followers

Twitter is being used by a lot of people from ordinary Joe bloke to mega superstars. It is not just used by individual people; it is also used by small and large businesses, even politicians get on to pitch their campaign messages as do businesses pitch their services and produces. Pitching is great but twitter is not a billboard and messages are just carried to be seen by everyone, twitter is an interactive social media platform for real people. Traffic is generated by actual people not machines. If all you do is pitch but not keep track of what is going on in your twitter niche would you will have a harder time increasing your twitter followers.


For businesses, staying on twitter to update or comment might be something they really have very little time for. It is not always practical to update your tweets regularly. Fortunately, there are some tools you can use to keep tweets fresh and these are called automatic feeders. RSS feeders automatically post updated content done on any other internet based networking sites to every the social networking page you’ve set up links with. Some networking sites allow you to “sync” in order to share content. The internet has made the world smaller than it used to be, time zones don’t matter borders are physical lines than can be crossed virtually. Twitter has made us all part of a global village, giving each a platform to “talk” (albeit in short bursts of 140 characters) and trade with each other.


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