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Track Your Twitter Growth to measure the ROI of buying Twitter followers

When you start off on Twitter you start off with no followers. Tweeting at this point is no fun as there is no one to read your posts. You need an audience. You can start off by gathering a few followers and posting your tweets for them to see. The more interesting the tweets are the more they will read and possibly respond. The more activity you have on your twitter account and the more followers you manage to attract the better.  Your followers list might not increase as quickly as you would like but drawing one follower who is genuinely interested in your tweets is better 1000 twitter followers who have nothing to do with your niche. If you want to track your growth and map out the trends that have led to follower growth or decline, there are ways to do that on Twitter and tools available on the internet to help you along. If you are one of those people who opted for the twitter followers buying route you might want to take some time to do this at least once a month to see if there was any return on the investment made.



  1. TwitterCounter gives you an overview of growth trends that can be sorted by moth, week or hour. You can also project future follower trends using the same tool.


  1. Wibiya is a free web toolbar that helps track twitter followers. It was designed for blog and website installation. Your twitter account which is linked to your website can then be tracked and the results of followers growth plotted on a graph.


  1. Klout give you a score on your social media engagement. It is free and does more than track the growth trends of followers but also measures replies and re-tweets. You get a score out of a 100 to indicate your success in effectively using twitter.


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