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Strategy to save you from having to buy more twitter followers – Import and export your twitter follower’s list

There are many ways that you can get your friends and other people who subscribe to some of your social networking sites to see what goes on in either one of these profile pages by sharing the lists between network profiles. Most social networks allow you to do that or to import and export lists between different platforms, Twitter on the other does not allow follower lists to be imported or exported.


Why is this important? If you can import lists from other networks to your twitter this would be a better option than having to buy more twitter followers who do not know you enough to be of any significant use. Think about it, your facebook friends know you, if they have a twitter account as well, they can help increase your visibility on twitter. So would your MySpace friends and the Linkd lists you may have. Being able to export your Twitter followers list to a program can also help you track your followers offline.


  • The website is a service that enables twitter users to export as much as 10,000 followers free. The list is exported to an excel file and contain information the followers bio, the follower’s following count, location and more.


  • exports list of a 100 followers to an excel or CSV file.


  • is a paid service that also allows you to export twitter followers.


Being able to export your followers also ensures that you have a back up list and history should your twitter account ever be compromised




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