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Measuring the potential to get loads of twitter followers: what research shows

When doing research on the efficacy of online marketing, there questions always come up in one form or another. The first is who uses online marketing, how much time do they spend browsing online marketing promotions and who draws more traffic to their site. With Twitter and other forms of social networking sites the same questions are asked but the wording might be different. In a Twitter campaign the big things is who follows who, how long do they spend following or engaging with the people they follow and what makes the most followed twitter account popular. The idea of followers translating into popularity is misleading especially when you consider that the numbers that one sees could be inflated form someone having bought twitter followers. Measuring how long one user spends on twitter can be hard, there is a peak time but exactly when that is should be narrowed down to niche and geographical positioning.


According to studies, 210 million people in the U.S alone participate in social networks. The potential of getting followers is huge, in just one country and since twitter is a global network, this number is only a small fraction indicating the potential reach that twitter and other social networks have.  According to twitter the number of global users rose to about 300 million placing twitter in third place behind Facebook and YouTube. This rise in numbers means there are twitter followers to buy or find than ever before and this number is likely to keep growing as Twitter grows in popularity.


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