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Measuring success once you get facebook likes

The term social network marketing is the new buzz word that defines what once was simply called online marketing. Any marketing plan, be it conventional or online needs to be tracked and evaluated to determine how effective it is and how much return on investment it generates. It might be difficult to approach facebook with the same approach that was or is still used in other kinds of marketing.


First of all when launching a campaign on facebook, you want to draw as much attention to what you have to say and so for the longest time your only concern might be How to get a lot of likes on facebook. Getting attention, or getting a lot of facebook likes does not guarantee that those fans will actually buy into whatever it is you are selling. They may have liked you because they are interested in learning more about a particular thing, like natural weight loss remedies or the cure for tinnitus but it does not mean they will buy your diet products or your tinnitus cure. It might take more than first impressions to get your first likes to buy anything. The important thing is to keep them interested and keep convincing them that they need to try what you have to offer because it could be the answer to their problem and keep drawing more.


There are thousands of people like you on facebook trying to do the same thing and even selling the same product that you are so how do you make sure that your campaign stays on top and actually yields results. To get credibility on facebook it helps to get a couple of recommendations or comments from actual clients.


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