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Looking at other people’s “likes” to find out what other people do to get more “likes” on Facebook

Facebook has changed the way people interact with each other over the internet. Since its inception this groundbreaking social network platform has gone through a lot of changes most of which were done with the sole intention of making it easy for users to get the most out of Facebook. It is much easier to set up a facebook business page than it is to get a conventional website and the tools such as the “like” button that Facebook provides are useful in advancing your goals.


The facebook “Like” feature lets users register their individual interests in anything from entertainment to politics by allowing them to be fans on pages dedicated to whatever interests they may have indicated they had. These “likes” are listed on the user’s profile page and can be viewed by others who are curious about a person’s interest and “likes”. Being able to view these “likes” features is something that can be very valuable to people wanting to get more “likes” of their own. To see other people’s “likes”, you would have to be a friend and be logged onto facebook.


Enter the name of the person whose “likes” you want to see into the search bar and click on her profile. Move your mouse to the right of her profile until a popup menu of “likes” appears below pictures or friends you may have in common.


“Likes” are usually grouped according to categories like entertainment, music, books, TV shows, etcetera. To see more of what a category has click on “more” beneath the collection of pages and you will be able to see more interests.


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