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How to get more twitter followers instantly- The binge and purge method

Twitter has become the marketing medium that many online marketers prefer. For businesses to maximize their reach it is necessary to get as many followers as possible in a short amount of time. Having more followers might put you at a better position than your competitor but most importantly having followers that engage with you gives you’re the edge you will need to get far in the twitter world. At first when you get followers, you draw a whole lot that will prove to be not so useful and then a couple that will prove to be good followers. You need to be able to purge you account of the useless followers and attract more.


To get more twitter followers instantly you need to be a follower. To get a lot of followers, follow as many people as you can. To minimize the risk of following duds use a tool like to get a focused list of users in your niche to follow. Mass follow as many as a 100 at a time and hope that at least half of them will follow you back. Set a limit of the number of people to follow and then stop for a couple of days to see how many people will follow you back. If you can set a limit of 1000 to 2000 and expect no less than a 50% return of follow backs. If you don’t succeed at getting that 50% look at your twitter page and consider changing your image. Start building a relationship with your followers and tweet as regularaly as you can.




Twitter only allows you to keep the following to follower ratio of 1:1 and will not allow you to increase your following beyond the 2000 mark (more or less). To keep yourself within the ratio of 1:1 you will have to get rid of some followers. You can use mass unfollowing tools that allow you to selectively purge followers on your list.

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