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How to get more likes on facebook fan page – repurpose you facebook marketing strategy

The more you get involved in facebook marketing the more time you spend on updating your statuses and finding an audience. It could be frustrating to have to spend hours of your day doing the same thing over and over again. Wouldn’t you jump at a chance to do something that would automate your posts, not just for facebook but for other social networking sites? Here are some tools to help you do just that:


  1. If you have more than one social networking site account you can use, a service that will update all of these accounts at the same time. You will first have to register and set up your account. You can only use 140 characters and these will be used on all your profiles on facebook, my Space and Twitter.


  1. You should display twitter and facebook on your other social networking accounts. To get Twitter on your facebook and draw more twitter followers from your facebook go to your settings tab and then to more info and then click on the link that says “add twitter to your site”.


  1. Marketing articles on sites like is a useful strategy to getting traffic to your facebook fan page. You first need to get account and once you have done that link the account to your facebook fan page by adding your facebook account information in the “Edit Author Bio” space under the “profile manager” tab. Every time you get an article published on EzineArticles, an automatic post will appear in your facebook fan page.


There are other tools that can be used to help repurpose facebook and other social networks’ content. These are the three simplest and quickest answers to the question on “how to get more likes on facebook fan page”.

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