How to get more likes on facebook fan page by fixing your profile page to become a business page

The biggest mistake that people make when setting up Facebook accounts for their business is that they chose a personal profile which lists friends but does not give one likes. Once they realize that they aren’t getting anywhere with their profile page they panic about all the information that would get left behind, they start to wonder if they can convert it to a business page. A business page is more professional and will give any business a professional look that will make people sit up and notice.


If you ever set up a profile page as a business page you might like to know that you can fix it but you will have to save and archive the pictures and videos if you don’t want to lose them. The other good thing is that the friends you had can be swapped as “likes” on the business page. You wouldn’t have to delete your personal profile; your friends might still use the page name to get a hold of you. What you can do is use the profile page as your admin page from where you can launch other Facebook pages like group pages. The admin page will only be visible to you and those you decide to make an account administrator.


Deactivate or delete your account if you believe someone has been using it for unsavory acts. There’s a facility on Facebook where you can do either one of those.

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