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How to get more Facebook likes with a “like” button?

Facebook is not only a social networking site that provides tools for its users it also provides tools for web developers to improve their sites. These tools like the “like button” help web developers to integrate their sites to the Facebook social network platform. The like button is the most effective way to increase back links to a site that’s been running outside of Facebook.


Visitors can click on the “like” button and get linked to your webpage from their Facebook account. The friends that they have on Facebook will get to see the link and a description of what your site is about. The people who have liked your site will get an updated link each time you update your profile. You gain exposure by using a “like” button, even people who have not seen your pages will have their curiosity piqued when they see their friends’ liking you in their own feed, more so if there is a comment that comes with the “like”.


Some people may decide to remove their “likes” if there is no value for them, so when you update your Facebook profile make a point of ensuring that your content is always engaging and useful.


The like button may help you gain backlinks and be an answer to how to get more Facebook likes, but as far as helping you with your search engine optimization and web page ranks, it won’t do much. Improving search engine rankings is whole other game that is a little bit more complicated than Facebook rankings.


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