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How do you get more twitter followers by merging customer service and marketing strategies?

In the not so distant past, marketing and customer service were two separate entities that operated independently of each other. With social networks like Twitter the same cannot be said. Marketing is more than just advertising and customer service goes beyond the simple handling of issues. On social networks like twitter, the consumer can be solicited, then engaged and then he or she turn back and vent about their experiences. Customers who experience a product on social networks have a higher expectation for immediate response to complaints. The convergence of marketing and customer care on twitter makes it necessary for businesses to have a simple strategy that addresses both aspects.


How do you get more twitter followers by taking care of your existing ones?


As a business you need to keep evaluating your twitter campaign on a regular basis, which means you need to track everything that happens on your account with your followers and know what happens on Twitter itself.


  1. Answer questions when asked


Answering questions promptly is important. How many tweets are you responding to? Do you respond to mentions about you and your brand? Being quick with responses and engaging with customers will help you turn potentially dangerous negative tweets around.


  1. Work out who you want to give preference to in your responses. To do this you need to determine the demographics that matter to you and your responses will help retain the interest of your current followers an help you get more followers especially if one of your strategies is responding to those people with a larger following and then working yourself down.


  1. Be clear about your availability when engaging with twitter followers


If you promise people that you are available 24/7, then you should be available for the time you’ve set. Be aware of time zones and make sure you give yourself ample time to engage with customers.




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