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Getting noticed on Twitter

If you have set up a Twitter account to promote a website, find friends, and advance your career you might have had to ask yourself the question, “How can I get more Twitter followers?”   With over 300 million users, it can be hard for one person to get noticed on Twitter let alone draw the amount of followers you will need to get the most out of using Twitter for your social network marketing.


  1. The first thing you should establish though is why you want to get noticed in the first place and by whom. This will help you tailor your tweets to meet the goals you have. For instance if your tweets are meant to get business then be careful not to come off with silly quips and inappropriate jokes. You only have a few characters to use to get your message across, so be sure that you know what it is you want to say before you say anything.


  1. So you might know that to increase the number of you followers you will need to follow some people. Don’t waste time following just anyone. This won’t get you noticed as effectively as following people with the same interests as you will. Find people who will help you advance your goal, not just people to boost your numbers with. Twitter also has its fair share of spammers and one of the things that people do to notice spammers is the number of people they follow. You don’t want to be mistaken as another spammer.


  1. Find a topic to tweet about; do not just tweet about anything for the sake on being noticed. Create tweets that will gain you a following.

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