Get 100 followers on twitter without spending a dime.

Getting a twitter account is easy, getting followers is also not rocket science. You can find out which twitter profiles are raking in thousands of followers and check the ration between their following and followers. A normal ratio as stipulated by twitter is 1:1. Find out if these people have similar interests or interests somewhat related to your own. If you do find such people within your niche with a massive following then you should start following their followers and hope that they follow you back.


Just don’t try to get the number of followers in one day; twitter can suspend your account if you do that. The best that you should hope for is a 30% follow back rate. This means if you follow 300 users you will get 100 followers on twitter. A hundred followers a day is not bad, but you can get so much more with a well planned strategy. Following should not be spamming. To check if you are keeping your followers enthralled and not annoying them, keep a look out for followers who suddenly unfollow you. If it’s a mass exodus, then you need to find ways to do some damage control.


Social networking can help build a brand or destroy it, the ultimate results depend on how clued up you are about the use of twitter and how clever you can be in leveraging on platforms and tools that exist. If you have a sound strategy you can get 100 followers on twitter in a day and grow that number to 5000 in a month without needing to buy any followers.


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