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Facebook Like’s and its impact on the future of SEO

The word, Facebook is synonymous with networking, friendship and sharing. Social networking is a little bubble that people with the same interest can exist. The question that so many people ask themselves about sites like Facebook is how they feed into the whole internet searching for information and search engine scoring algorithms. The lines have been significantly blurred where Facebook is concerned. In the past, before Facebook there were a few things you had to take care of when launching a website. You had to worry about metadata, using the right keyword and conversion rates amongst other things.


Search Engine Optimization is a whole other ball game. With Facebook’s offering of a like button on websites, we need more than just content crammed with keywords or metadata cleverly hidden in webpages. The content has to be useful and likeable enough for customers to want to be seen as being interested in it enough to share it with other friends. The like feature that Facebook has introduced is like a word of mouth tool, when it shows up on friend’s page they are likely to want to check it out for themselves and possibly like it too, having a like button will help you get more Facebook likes


Facebook does not necessarily herald doom for SEO or search engines. It just means that we need a different approach to SEO. We still need websites and as long as we use these they need to be searchable and sociable. There should be a better way to integrate the search engine rankings with Facebook searches. A site ranking high on Google won’t necessarily rank as highly on Facebook simply because it has fewer likes. Is it more to concentrate your efforts on getting more likes maybe more than it would be to concentrate on search rankings? Maybe it’s too soon to tell.


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