Buy Facebook fans & Buy Twitter followers

Do you need to buy real twitter followers to run an effective twitter campaign?

Twitter can help market your business in ways that no other tool can. In the past, marketing was a labor intensive exercise. Launching a marketing campaign and then going back to measure how effective the campaign was used to take months, even years in some cases. These days with online marketing and specifically, social network marketing campaigns are run and results measured in a matter of hours. Twitter is one of the social network platforms that have changed the whole game of how businesses market themselves online. There are many companies that have had amazing results with twitter campaigns so much so that they go as far as employing people whose sole job is to manage twitter accounts and traffic.


To buy or not to buy?


Followers are important in any twitter campaign and some companies buy real twitter followers to start their marketing campaigns off to give the impression that they have a large number of people who are “interested” in what they have to offer. The followers that one buys can indeed be real but you actually never know what the agenda of a twitter user is unless you’ve personally picked them. The buying of followers is a short-cut that can be useful or turn out to be a bad investment. Getting 50 followers who respond to your tweets and engage with you about the business you run is more useful than getting 5000 random followers who will not engage with you any further. Before you buy followers, think about whether playing a numbers game is worth your while.

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